• Alex Trochut Alex Trochut

    I was lucky enough to attend Alex Trochut’s presentation earlier this year at the international art and design conference, OFFF, in his home town of Barcelona. His address didn’t disappoint. He spoke with a boyish charm, his words were soaked in excitement and the passion he has for his work was evident, however, above all [...]

  • Matt W. Moore Matt W. Moore

    My most vivid memory of meeting Matt W. Moore (aka MWM) in Barcelona, Spain, earlier this month is a text message he sent as I was heading to our rendezvous point, just before we met. He’d beaten me to the bar where we were to meet and sent me a completely unambiguous text; “I’m the [...]

  • Justin Maller Justin Maller

    Maller sits opposite me at a table in a Melbourne inner city bar, we each nurse an overpriced beer whilst taking it in turns to catch each other up on the goings on over the year that has passed since we last met. The illustrator, at this time, has recently returned to his original home [...]

  • The Free Pitch The Free Pitch — I work for fee.

    In an ideal world where moral and ethical values ruled supreme and integrity was indiscriminately absolute, the proposition of a free—pitch (also known as speculative work) wouldn’t exist. Then again neither would alcohol, demolition derbies and other fun things. The truth is most of us do know when to say no, and often do. However, [...]

  • Drawing A Blank Drawing A Blank

    Banksy may be notorious for his devilishly clever art, but his quotes too, humourously optimise humanity’s contradictions and apparent flaws. Whilst his quotes are usually of a political, anti–captalist or graffiti–justifying nature the one above (from his publication ‘Existencilism’) speaks with a lesser dose of sarcasm; there’s a voice of reason and a hint artistic [...]

  • Sir Free-Lance-A-Lot

    A recurring subject of conversation with freelancing designers is how to find work. What surprises me constantly is the people who ask me how to find work; exceptionally talented individuals oozing creativity whose schedule you’d normally expect to be booked out for weeks. By no means am I a veteran of freelancing, rather it comes [...]

  • The Importance of Style

    As a freelance illustrator the subject of style crops up from time to time during solitary wanderings of the mind. It’s a notion which I’ve been pondering more and more as of late as I’ve just taken the leap into the unfamiliar waters of full time freelance. It’s particularly intimidating to be surrounded by and [...]

  • Daniel Dittmar — Soapbox Daniel Dittmar — Soapbox

    In a climate where debates about print’s relevance are increasingly prevalent, Daniel Dittmar creator of the iPad portfolio application ‘Soapbox’, aptly declares that the two mediums aren’t necessarily in competition; they’re just different. The Sydney based designer and co-founder of Flood Studio, hails from a strong print and magazine background and confesses to relishing the [...]

  • Simon Bent — Motor Typeface Simon Bent — Motor

    The notion of typography and its esteem as a crucial skill possessed by graphic designers is one which is being quickly re-embraced and coveted by today’s blossoming creative industry. The abundance of typography and its increased use in creative campaigns makes it abundantly clear that it retains its relevance and further is just as prevalent. [...]

  • Niklas Lundberg / Diftype Niklas Lundberg / Diftype

    There’s something almost mathematical in Niklas Lundberg’s approach. Perhaps it’s the calculated and intricate details embellishing each of his illustrations, or the organic elements reminiscent of fractals found in nature courtesy of the golden ratio. The Swede has an impeccable ability to combine and simultaneously contrast these facets. His images are often chaotic but in [...]